Interactive Devices  

Exploring the wonder of interactive devices.
Wednesday 1 Dec 2021 - online 10-1.30pm UK time
Online workshops will be recorded if you would like to attend but cannot be there in person on the day. The full session will be available for you to work through in your own time.

This session will make two different structures to celebrate the wonder and fun of predictions, calculations and simple eye trickery! Some of these date back centuries and some more recently Victorian.  We will make a Volvelle and a Thamuatrope. You will be sent details in advance of the workshop and will prepare card and paper to have ready for the session. Templates will be available for you to download to help prepare for the session.

Workshop price £30.00 

To book please email to pay by direct bank payment

Evenbrite (please note they add on a processing fee)

or book through Paypal to

A materials list will be sent after registration, and a Zoom link a few days before the workshop.


Image is 15th Century Volvelle, Copyright of the National Museum of Wales

volvelle plan.jpg
Inspiral Muse cover.jpg
Inspiral Muse inside.jpg